Sunset on The Rock

My biggest dream

One of my biggest dreams in life is to bring people together, have them experience each other, develop their skills and personality, and give them space to laugh, speak, listen and enjoy silence. I want them to sing, enjoy poetry, and read inspiring books. I want them to move, be flexible and enjoy healthy food. I want to be active with them, exploring adventures outside.

I see them sitting by campfires telling stories of the past and visions of the future. I see us working together.

I support them in their personal development. I coach them to overcome hurdles and barriers. I am there with them. I believe they can think bigger, and reach greater goals. I put my trust forward. I challenge them to strive for more than they first thought possible. I believe nothing is impossible and share this view with them.

I see us spending our time together in southern France, Spain, or Portugal. We spend time in beautiful places, nice buildings with colorful nature surrounding them.

My clients take timeouts from everyday life. They travel home with dirty clothes in their travel bags and with plenty of great ideas and strategies to keep their own projects running, to reach their highest goals.

My clients transform this world making it a better place for all. – We create a better world!

My main motivation is discovering life by scouting

My main motivation for achieving that big dream is scouting!

Scouting showed me that there are many people who really strive to transform lives and our planet. We have great ideas. We believe in the power of we. We are creative and come up with more and more great ideas. We meet in teams, talk about our hopes and dreams and let them grow into reality.

Scouting also showed me that there are plenty of people out there who share my values.

Within scouting in Germany, I have an amazing team. It is the dpsg Middle East Working Group (SG Nahost). It evolved over the years. Scouts came and left. I have been with this group for almost 12 years. Next year it is my turn to leave. I chose to leave. I trust that our group will continue with great projects based on friendship with scouts from the Middle East.

At the same time, I do not want to stop to spend my time with energetic, interesting, fantastic, and amazing people. I want to increase my time with them! Scouts and former scouts live almost everywhere around the globe. We live in different countries, we have different approaches to religions. Yet, we have a set of shared values. These values foster our friendships. We put our trust forward.

Please don’t understand me wrong. We do struggle. It is not always easy. Some projects are really difficult to bring to life. Failures happen. It is up to us to be resilient. In my opinion, it is worth being resilient. It is always worth creating meetings, showing up, and sharing moments of hardship and joy and everything that is in between.

I am here to bring people together.

Together we create a better world.

5 Skills I Need to Improve

The 5 necessary skills I need in order to reach my dreams are (1) endurance, (2) email marketing (as part of online marketing), (3) writing regularly, (4) time management, and (5) asking for help.

The best way to learn those skills is to start with time management and writing regularly. I will search and find people who have achieved already what I want to learn and will learn from them. On top of that, I will practice asking for help. Asking for help feels like a challenge. On the one hand, I believe that I can figure it all out on my own time. On the other hand, help can propel me forward on the path to my new activities. Please help me to bring “living an outstanding life” into reality for as many people as possible.

Thank you!