Event: Experience Powerful Friendship

Imagine this: You arrive at the venue. The place is lit up. Light and friendliness welcomes you. You are greeted by the hosts, receive a welcoming drink and relax because you have arrived. Then you grab your tent and bag and follow the lead. We show you arround and explain what you can expect. 

While you are walking around more and more new people arrive. Smiling people are prevalent. Their friendly smile lets your smile and good feeling grow even bigger. 

You choose the spot where you want to set up your camp. There’s space for morning or evening sun. Are you the type of person who rises with the sun and enjoys the morning warmth? Do you love yoga at sun rise and meditation setting the tone of the day? Or do you love sleeping in, protected by the trees that shield your tent from morning sun? Do you enjoy the last sun light touching your skin, comforting you by sending you warmth? It is your choice.

We meet at the campfire again. Laughter and chatter every where. The first get together of the new group. We welcome all of the group again, introduce the program and talk about the possibilities you can choose from during the weekend. Everyone receives the opportunity to introduce themselves. As we sit and listen to each one of us, the fire is crackling. Every person is interesting, kind and open-minded.

Will one weekend be enough to get to know each other well?

The evening continues as it started with chatter, laughter and really, really good mood! While the sky is turning black and the stars are shining, the red, orange and yellow colours of the fire become stronger. The flickering of the fire relaxes your mind. You fell the warmth on your face.

After a long and wonderful campfire night you turn to rest. You crawl into your sleeping bag and fall easily into a deep relaxing and rejuvenating sleep. 

The weekend unfolds. After a healthy breakfast in the sun, all of us meet again. We form a circle – a circle of friends. The activities that follow foster exchanging knowledge, wisdom and resourcefulness. The activities challenge the group. As they are being solved the group moves closer together. Happy smiles are every where. 

“A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself.” – Jim Morrison

This weekend feels best when you show your true self. Are you ready to experience powerful friendship again? Do you long for meeting new friends? Is your camping gear ready? Will you join us?

Be part of the experience! 

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We are looking forward to meeting you. You are welcome!