Struggling With Self-Confidence?

Why is developing more confidence important to me at this stage of my life?

I am 47 years old and have achieved a lot already. I am proud to say, I made it this far!

Right now, just a few weeks after my last big and fantastic adventure to Jordan with 29 friends, I am ready for new amazing experiences. Adventures that will rock the boat! They are forming in my head. They are becoming a reality in my visions and dreams. I am stretching to let them come alive. I am reaching out to my friends. I want them to be on board too. I want to explore our possibilities together. I will find the best people at the right time. I am sure of that.

When I feel the higher power Coldplay is singing of, I am full of confidence. And sometimes also during these days, this power diminishes. Just as if someone pulled a plug and all of it disappears in the drain. It is then that I need to get in touch with my self-confidence. It is then that I wish I could get my confidence back up in no time.

When do I feel like I lack self-confidence?

Especially, when the sky is grey, I feel drained. The cold seems to reduce my energy level further. I could either go to bed directly or binge-watch social media for hours. What a waste of my time! A real downer.

Or I meet with people who are self-centered and prefer to nag all day long. That just sucks my life energy right out of me. It gets even worse when I feel stuck there. Whenever I feel down I also seem to lack confidence.

Sadness, being in the dip, feeling down, feeling helpless, feeling incredibly tired – I think that causes my self-doubt to grow stronger.

What positive attributes or recent wins have I had that I could give myself credit for?

A superb recent win was the “Leadership Training in Remembrance of Baldur Hermans 2.0” in Amman in Jordan.

We aimed for the moon and landed among the stars. A nice saying from Norman Vincent Peale. And so true too. We aimed to meet with 120 scout leaders from Israel, Palestine, Jordan, and Germany. In the end, we were only 75.


A large number of young scout leaders, aged between 18 and 26 years, explored traits of personal development and thereby built bridges of peace and friendship among each other. A big win for all!

Some of them knew me from 2016 and decided they want to meet us Germans again. I feel honored! They remembered well how we interacted roundabout 6 years ago.

I truly believe it needs people who make great experiences. It is they who will speak about their experiences and who will motivate their friends to make their own experiences. It is they who will transform. And transformation is what we need. Transformation to a better world, transformation to more peace, transformation to reliable friendship.

I give myself credit that my team and I found the German participants, made the meeting in Amman possible with our Jordanian, Israeli and Palestinian friends, and created an activity-based adventure for us Germans cross-country Jordan. We all enjoyed our time together!

My strength is to bring people together, to be there for them, to listen, and to explain. My core belief is that nothing is impossible. I love that belief!

I am compelled to see beyond the present and have an almost insatiable curiosity. I am talented at solving problems and overcoming obstacles. I enjoy bending the rules when they do not fit. – Let’s create new rules together!

I am driven by the idea. And let me tell you, my new ideas are powerful!

I am enthusiastic, friendly, energetic, and fun-loving.

What are 3 words that could describe my future best self and what can I do to live into these words?

My future self is best explained with these 3 words: self-starter, friendship-activist, and social entrepreneur.

I will live into these words by envisioning my future every morning when I wake up. I will continue to talk them into the present. I will call my friends and tell them what I’m up to. I will ask them if they would like to join me for a while. I’d be glad if we would accompany each other creating real moments of encountering again.

I will write about my ideas and give them a format. And then I will continue to create real activities. At its best, I will do that with my new and old friends. We hold each other accountable.

We will celebrate our failures and wins!