106 | Exercise, Healthy Diet and Meditation – A Cure-All

Enjoying life, that’s what I’m all about. Over the past four weeks, I’ve really pushed myself on all levels: Health, nutrition and exercise, career and calling, and volunteering. I’m glad that there are intersections, or better yet, overlaps. I have great colleagues, great friends, and a great family. There is a lot going on in all areas.

What is visible and how?

My health: I am healthy and feel great most of the time.

Nutrition: I eat healthy and make sure I choose foods that give me energy.

Exercise: I swim 3 times a week and have almost no back pain since.

Work: Talking to our customers and interacting with my colleagues is my main focus. I am „all in“ when we are talking.

Vocation: Living an outstanding life now and encouraging other people to consciously choose their own outstanding lives through digital and in-person coaching is my calling. I’m growing strongly in that right now.

Volunteer work: We are working hard to facilitate new peacebuilding gatherings. These take place in Germany as well as in the Middle East. We are planning a German-Israeli leadership exchange in Germany and Israel, a German-Israeli encounter with Hebrew, Arabic, German and English speakers in Israel, and an encounter trip to Israel and Egypt.

You don’t have to do it alone

I realized that I can’t do everything if I want to do it alone. Yes, it feels very intense for me right now. There are things that I just can’t currently do in terms of time, like vacuuming regularly or cooking for myself. I’ve made changes to my blog too. I’ve decided to pay for more software to benefit from automation.

Asking my mother if she could help take care of me for a period of time took some effort on my part at first. I felt weak. But that feeling was based on a silly thought. I replaced it with a better one: „I don’t have to do everything myself“. Now that I am accepting help from within and without, I am accomplishing much, much more. That is wonderful!

What makes our lives outstanding?

Our lives can be outstanding because we have the ability to experience love, joy, and creativity. We can connect with others, explore the world around us, and create new things. We can also find meaning and purpose in our lives.

Here are some of the things that make our lives outstanding:

  • Love is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. It can bring us happiness, fulfillment, and a sense of belonging.
  • Joy is a feeling of happiness and contentment. It can be triggered by many things, such as love, spending time with friends and family, experiencing new things, or just lying in the sun.
  • Creativity is the ability to come up with something new and original. It can come in many forms, such as art, music, writing, or simply solving a problem.
  • Connectedness: We are social beings who want to connect with others. We can connect with others through love, friendship, family, or simply through shared interests.
  • Experience: Life is a journey and we are always learning and growing. We can explore the world around us, try new things, and get to know ourselves better.
  • Meaning and Purpose: Many people are searching for meaning and purpose in their lives. We can find it by contributing to something greater than ourselves or simply by living a full and meaningful life.

I noticed last week on Monday that even though I was creating so many beautiful things right now, I was getting more and more tired as the day went on. On Monday I was just knocked out.

Sign recognized!

Taking action has been a relief. Action means don’t complain, do something! I decided to take a day off. I spent a good half day at the spa. It was a time of reflection, inspiration and planning. I felt renewed.

This positive feeling lasted for a week. Yesterday I was knocked out again – again it was time to free up more time for reflection, inspiration and planning.

I draw on my years of experience. Energy is a must. When I feel tired, sluggish, and easily annoyed during the day, it’s often related to my energy level. Then my diet, exercise, and meditation are all equally important. If I neglect one of them, it will soon show up. And that’s exactly what happened to me last week and this week. On Monday and Friday I didn’t eat well. First no breakfast, then sweet white bread between the door and the corner, at noon a rather unhealthy lunch. The healthy dinner couldn’t save me. I always feel miserably tired after such meals.

Tiredness and poor energy intake combined with immobility in front of the computer. Tiredness increased rapidly. How to counteract this? Generate energy!

Today I went swimming again, tomorrow I will add weight training. Eating clean is also part of it for me. I will cut out the food that only makes me tired. While I’m thinking about it, I’m already looking forward to tomorrow’s new beginning.

Often that’s what I feel is important in living my outstanding life: starting over and over again, consciously and with full intention.

My conclusion tonight: even if time seems short, it’s not!

Time for exercise, time for a healthy diet, especially avoiding foods that make us tired, and time for meditation makes it possible to achieve many milestones and goals.

It’s not just the accomplishment that feels good. It’s also the feeling of life that comes with it that feels outstanding to me.

That’s what I want for you too!