107 | Exchanging Habits

The longer I have a habit, the harder it is to break.

Steve Chandler

Is this true?

Steve Chandler says that many people believe this statement.

The statement becomes their thought and then their feeling. The feeling of I can’t comes from that. They think, „This is too hard. They find thoughts that underline their feeling and so their reaction develops. It is either no action or action that reinforces the belief that it won’t change. Nothing to do, so they do nothing.

I am not saying there are no addictions. Addictions may make it difficult to change a habit.

I say not true!

It is a thought, however, that can set people free. A thought combined with the decision to set ourselves free.

One thought: „I can and will overcome this.“
A feeling: „I am strong enough.“
A decision: „I will let go and replace this with something else.
A new thought: „This … is a better habit. I will replace it.“
An action: „I do it. I struggle. I win and I lose. I get back up and I do.“

It may feel like a merry-go-round at times, but if we remind ourselves of our why, if we have reasons to stop what we are doing and replace it with something better, then we will be able to overcome the situation. One action at a time. Keep moving. Avoid coming to a standstill.

It is a thought that becomes a reality. I love this concept!

One thought, one decision and one determined action can change our world.

What do you want to change?

Think about it.
Act on it.

John Maxwell suggests growing into an opportunity. His best way follows these steps: Prepare, Practice, Reflect, and Repeat. Repeat until you’re there.

It works.

Now you.

I trust you.
You can change too.