64 | Thoughts Create Feelings

To live in peace is not luck. Living in peace could be a habit. It is at least a mindset. Having my mind set on peace means that I focus on living together – together in one region, city or village. We can be different, friends or family. We do not need to know each other. Knowing each other would be nicer though because then we wouldn’t live alone. Living together makes it important to respect each other. With respect comes interest. When we are interested in each other we usually care for each other. How wonderful it feels when we do that. How wonderful it feels when somebody cares for us! I feel well then.

When I feel well it is easy to share. I love to share stories, wisdom, material stuff and food. I love to share light too! What do you love to share? What lets you feel amazing when you share it?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we all would feel extremely well? When we’d feel free and peaceful?

Peace is just an encounter and conversation away.

Peace comes to you as a feeling.

Peace is in thought.