Group Coaching

We are 10 and spend a week together. We travel to the mountains, to the sea or wherever it is nice. We live together in a beautiful old stone house. The sun shines wonderfully. When it goes down it stays warm. You can sit outside and enjoy the night sky.

Nature can calm and motivate us at the same time. Nature makes it possible for us to detach ourselves from everyday life. Being outside simply lets us smile. With good mood we focus on our projects and overcome our blockades.

All of us have great plans and yet keep hitting blockades. We want to break through and move forward!

We tell each other about our ideas and about what is holding us back. We talk about how we react habitually and how that prevents us from moving forward towards our goals.

Impulses lead to new findings.

Being in nature, in the sun, seeing the stars at night and sharing stories with each other inevitably leads to new, forward thinking ideas. Ideas that take you further.

You will experience insights. These are the moments when everything suddenly seems clear to you. During this week, you have the time to write down your insights. Life does not rush past you here as it does at home.

You have the time to create your next roadmap. A map that supports your inner compass. A map that allows you to proceed as soon as you get home.


I look forward to the time when we can travel again. That time will come again soon.

Are you in?