70 | Missing the Obvious?

It all started 9 days ago when we had a get-together with my German family. The sky was blue, the sun was shining and we all were in a good mood. That really helped. I felt exceptionally well with them. Also, the following days were exciting: I talked with friends, had an amazing coaching call, wrote a nice letter, received great feedback, held interesting calls with customers, mowed the lawn and ate well.

I don't recall when the sore back and knee returned.

Today I felt a bit down.

I felt tired, in pain and exhausted.

Two thoughts came to my mind:

(1) Without the past week, I would have rated these attributes differently. I would have chosen to say, I dropped into the dip. I am really down right now.

(2) Although I feel a little down, I believe in myself that I will feel better soon again.

Feeling well is normal. Feeling excited is nice. Feeling down may happen. I define that I want to feel well most of the time. That is what I think of every day.

This really works for me.

Ich bin sehr froh, dass “ abwärts“ nicht sehr weit nach unten führte. Das macht es leicht, wieder hochzukommen. Oben ist dort, wo ich mich wohlfühle.

I heard Brendon Burchard say that he has a checklist at his house, which he can look at when he feels unhappy. He says it became easier to recognize what is lacking. Once he knows what it is, he can return to his natural state of happiness.

I tried that in a similar manner. First I created a postcard with the help of canva.com. They shipped 15 of them to me and I hung up half already. I put them where I see them all the time.

One is next to my bed, one is at my desk, one is in the kitchen, one is at the office, one is in the car, one is on the mirror and one is on the door. Whenever I feel my mood is dropping I want to catch myself by looking at the postcard. I want to stimulate my thoughts. Giving them a reason to be happy thoughts or thoughts of a worthy desire.

Und wenn die Stimmung also mal nach unten geht, schaue ich mir das Bild an und entscheide mich bewusst für eine Pause. Als erstes ändere ich mein Atemmuster. Ich werde so atmen, dass eine körperliche Veränderung eintritt. Anschließend werde ich mir die dann wichtigste Frage beantworten: „Was kann ich jetzt tun?“.

What comes to my mind, I will then do. And if I can't do it directly, because it is the way it is, then I will write my ideas down, handwritten into my notebook, and firmly resolve to implement them later. Every action is a step forward. That feels good!

I noticed that too really works for me.

So although it often feels like I am stuck or I am feeling down, I am clearly missing the obvious. I am moving at a constant speed. I am transforming and I am growing. That is fantastic!

It is time to dare more! I can be bold despite feeling pain! There is greatness lying ahead of us! I can feel and see it.

It is time to include this greatness in my daily thoughts.

Are you missing something obvious?

What are your everyday thoughts?

Are you thinking big enough?