It's time to relax and switch off? Then give yourself a break. Meditate, enjoy healthy food and nice people. Be your relaxed self.

With a meditation you can relax and recharge your batteries. Find a place to sit that gives you peace and calm. Pay attention to your breathing in and out.

I recommend you try the app Insight Timer. Insight Timer offers you a variety of meditations in German, English and other languages. See if you like Burgs & the Art of Meditation, Melody Litton, Sarah Blondin, Lisa A. Romano or Lindsay Lekhraj.

Here is a list of meditations at Insight Timer that I find particularly good:

  • A Message of Hope, by Brian Hyman
  • Activating the Chakras Introduction, by Burgs & The Art of Meditation
  • Attracting Love – Manifest your Perfect Partner/Soulmate, by Karen Bell
  • Awaken Your Inner Light and Wisdom, by Melody Litton
  • Awaken Your Inner Guide, by Sabrina Heartsong
  • Be A Magnet for True Love, by Desiree Dunbar
  • Chakra Cleansing meditation for Infinite Abundance, by Nicole Bayliss
  • Easy Success From Higher Consciousness, by Michael Mackintosh
  • Experience Your Own Strength, by Guru Jagat
  • Experience Your Own Strength, by Guru Jagat
  • Getting Unstuck, by Lindsey Lekhraj
  • Golden Om, by Steve Gold
  • Increase Your Confidence and Self-Love, by Elle Louise Mcbride
  • Manifest your Partner & Improve Your Relationship, by Pura Rose
  • Meet your Guide, by Cory Cochiolo
  • Nothing Here But You, by Mooji
  • Personal Shielding Meditation, by Melody Litton
  • Quick Confidence, by Andrew Johnson
  • Rising Light Kundalini Awakening, by Blossoming Heart Meditations
  • 7 Opportunities a Day to Bring your Best Self Forward, by Ana Barreto
  • Stillness Meditation – Mountain, Lake, Sky, by Burgs & The Art of Meditation
  • The Inipi, by Dakota Earth Cloud Walker
  • The Power of Living an Authentic Life, by Edward Lamaide
  • Welcoming Abundance, by Melody Litton
  • Who am I, by Peter Harper The Drunken Monk