Feeling Stuck?

Do you feel stuck, maybe a little lost or on the wrong track? Maybe it's because you have a job that pays the bills but doesn't really fulfill you?

Do you see yourself here?

You laugh a lot. You like to be around people. Your batteries are recharged when you are active with a group. You like to have good and deep conversations with likable people. You work in your profession. You like to be creative and have fun. Your working tools are your notebook, the Internet, and your notebook. In your free time, you work for a better future. You work for change at home, in your immediate environment, or in our society. You have an eye for the good of the community. You like to be outdoors. Being in motion is good for you. Nature is important to you. You have many nice ideas and you put them into practice. You always set yourself nice goals.

And then there are days when nothing works at all.

Then you realize that you are working in a job that makes you money, but at the same time you feel stuck, you seem to be stuck. It almost feels like you're lost.

Have you ever experienced this? It feels like a barrier. Then the only thing that seems to work is watching Netflix or surfing the Internet. For me, every little thing attracts my attention then. I take a quick look here, read there, do this and then that. Suddenly the day is over! And that's a real shame.

I write on this website in German and in English. I blog about ways to raise the standard of living. I also blog about the moments when we feel like we are blocked and give suggestions on how to overcome those feelings and thoughts.

I want you to overcome your obstacles!

Often it is the doing that separates us from our goals. That is, really getting busy and being creative. Many of our ideas can become reality if we pick ourselves up and put ourselves into action. A little bit every day. My wish for you is that you develop a routine that allows you to keep going and keep taking action. And if you need support, do not hesitate to contact me.

This works very well with another person or a team. You motivate, you are there, you ask questions and you encourage each other. If you are on your own at first, you can find friends, mentors or a coach. It works best if you meet weekly at a set time on a set day. One intensive hour is enough to get you going again with enthusiasm.

I would like to be that coach for you!

Contact me and let's talk!

Best regards