How to Navigate The Fog And Still be Happy

Intimacy that we love

Would you also like to be in a relationship again, finally, where you can trust each other deeply? Relax into the relationship and be rewarded for your decision. Let go of singularity and arrive at paarship. Arrive at being together. It's so nice to trust each other and realize that your choices were right. Intimacy is amazing.

Stumbling in the fog?

Relationships feel difficult when we don't understand the signs we send each other. First it is a challenge to decode if there is really interest in each other. It feels like a fog where it is not visible what is really true. In addition, it is not always clear what we expect from each other and finally, sometimes we just stumble into a faux pas that can lead to a small ice age. At least that's how I experienced it with myself. Although I'm already in my mid-40s, I still have question marks in my mind when I try to sort out what signals my counterpart is sending me. Often I have no idea what is being signaled to me, and then I just try to work it out somehow. That's not really nice.

At the same time, I want nothing more than to sit romantically with her on the stones on the shore. When we touch, a current runs through me that makes me come alive, even though the sun is about to set and darkness is approaching. Our eyes shine and our kisses are very good.

This time I'm going about things differently!

Sometimes these question marks stand in my way like wave breakers. So often I don't understand the signs. This time I want to do it better!

It can't be that difficult, after all, there are quite a few experts I can watch on YouTube. I can get inspired and take a shortcut to my happiness and our love. The tried and tested ideas and suggestions of others give me a sense of security. They make me take my chances to win the woman of my heart for me. The focus is not on "me" but on our time together.

I want to be a couple again, with her!

On YouTube, I find that there is an insane choice. Who is right? Who has the best tips? PaarBalance appeals to me. They say the balance between a couple depends on thoughts, feelings and actions.

That hits on exactly what resonates with me about Syd Banks. Our thoughts influence our feelings and our feelings influence our actions. To me, that feels right. So I gave PaarBalance's relationship test a try.

The test and the secret!

The relationship assessment not only gave me an impression of how I behaved and felt in my last relationship, it also gave me a better understanding of how PaarBalance responds to me and assists me in improving myself. I found it very impressive. Why don't you try it out too?!

Just a few days ago I heard a beautiful quote on the radio, "The secret to long marriages is not getting divorced!" Although I have not yet been married, this quote makes a lot of sense to me. If a couple can manage to repeatedly come into balance with each other, then a long-lasting relationship is possible. I would like that too!

Of course, I chose the word balance here on purpose because the mindset of PaarBalance appeals to me. They recommend embarking on our own and with each other, consciously engaging in relationship and balance. In doing so, they don't leave us alone, but share their ideas and guidance with us.

I find it exciting that the Süddeutsche Zeitung, FAZ, Zeit Online and Psychologie Heute wrote about PaarBalance.

They themselves say about their findings that they are science-based. That is far more applied wisdom than my own wealth of experience offers and makes me curious to see what advice they can give me to have a vibrant, loving relationship.

Love is in The Air

I'm already looking forward to spending time with my partner at the warm Mediterranean Sea with a tingling in my stomach. Watching the sun plunging into the sea.

I am optimistic. That's exactly what I wish for you too!

Karl Goldstein


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Coaching for you?

At this point I recommend you take the online coaching program at PaarBalance (only available in German).

The PaarBalance program was developed on the basis of the latest research findings on satisfaction and stability in partnerships.

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