I support you to go your way. Especially when your motivation is low.

Your Coaching

What can your individual coaching look like?

Imagine the following scenario. We arrange an appointment. Binding for you and me.

You come as you are, curious and excited. You have your ideas in your head, inside you.

You ring the bell. I open the door for you. We greet each other with a smile, you enter and leave your everyday life behind. You enter new territory with me. We talk about art and the world. You arrive.


We agree that what is said will remain between us. We are confidential with each other.

I ask you questions about your life. About what is going on at the moment. And about your future. You tell me about your plans.

We talk about construction sites and obstacles, about ways to speed things up and ways to slow down, about milestones and motivation.

The conversation with me re-charges your courage battery completely. You return to your everyday life highly motivated. You keep going, bringing your ideas to life!