About Me

Real life
For many years now, I enjoy being on route with other people. That is traveling together, be it for a day, a weekend or a longer period of time. I love it when we then get involved with each other, tell each other about each other. We are honest with each other. We tell each other about our strengths and weaknesses, about what excites us and what makes us feel uncomfortable. We come up with stories and projects. We bring them to life – together.

I learned early on how valuable reflection is, the courage for adventure and personal development. I look back on an eventful childhood and youth, in which my family taught me mobility. Not the moving from one place of residence to another, but rather the mobility of the mind. I relate it to accepting other people. Every person thinks differently.

On my calendar for this month is this thought from Zen Buddhism: „When you understand that others are different from you, then you begin to become wise.“

Motivating Opportunities
I like that quote. It emphasizes that there are many opportunities. When we come together and share thoughts many new things can emerge. That is great!

Courageous ideas
I have implemented great projects with the Scouts in the last 35 years. These include small and large tent camps in Germany or neighboring countries, bilateral encounters between Germans and Israelis, multilateral encounters between Germans, Israelis, Jordanians and Palestinians, and international events in France with participants from many different European countries.

One of the participants from Hungary inspired me with a statement at the end of a week together in France: „This week I didn’t sleep much and yet my life batteries are fully charged! 100 percent, full to the brim! Great program with wonderful people!“ – That’s exactly how I feel, after events like this.

My big goals
There are exciting adventures ahead!

Aha! Coaching

I will support people, possibly you, in reaching their goals! We agree on online meetings so that it is easier for you to get into action. This is especially important in those times when life comes up with other options that distract you. – And honestly, that happens to all of us. We make a plan and then life comes along. Hours later we notice that time flies. Appointments and focus will help you reach your goals faster. Aha! Coaching helps you to take advantage of aha-moments and simply make your life and achieving your goals more beautiful.

Advisor: Survival Advantages

Tihange in Belgium is home to an unsafe nuclear power plant. It belongs to the French and is supplied with fuel rods from Germany. That sounds incomprehensible and stupid. But it is true. It is bad, it is ailing!. That’s why I prepare for the unexpected case of emergency. I wrote a guidebook on what to do if radioactivity leaks the power plant. I want to use the internet and educate my fellow people on how to be prepared. You can learn more about it here: https://survival-advantage.com/. Currently it is only available in German.

Customer service – better every day

During the day, I work as a customer service representative of Mercedes-Benz Germany. I strive to become better every day. I listen, read and absorb new things every day. At Mercedes-Benz in particular, I’ve learned that the larger the group of people you work with on a daily basis the more important it becomes not to want to do everything on your own. A lot of things can’t be done alone! Working together is also often a challenge. But precisely these challenges hold a lot of potential for development. Opportunities motivate me!

Coaching is wonderful

With the help of my personal coach I managed to lose 30 kg in a playful way. Sport woke me up again. Sport with my coach is like an hour on the adventure playground. On such a playground I forget the everyday life. I immerse myself in curiosity, in adventure, in action, in laughter, sweating and amazement.

Healthy food is my fuel

With Jan Khan, I changed my diet. Good food is insanely important. Food is our fuel that keeps our engine running. Good food makes me happy!

It’s so fantastic that I feel better every day when I eat healthy. I haven’t completely shed the old patterns yet and then that doesn’t pay off. But Jan Khan is there and helps me to be committed. Everyone needs a coach.

Steve Jobs call

The mural in Amman says, „Don’t let the noise of other people’s opinions drown out your own inner voice.“ Often it seems to be the voices of others that influence us and stop us in our tracks. However, it is often our own thoughts, fears and behavior patterns that get in the way of our goals.

I know this from myself. Some of my plans could certainly have happened faster. Self-discipline is a key to success. So is an Aha! Moment.

Tell me about your life, your ideas and goals!

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