The Messy Middle

This year is so different to last year. While I was more optimistic last year that the pandemic would be conquered quickly. I am rather realistic this year that it will still stick with us for quite a while. Last year I kept my hopes high. This year some days are worse than others. On some days I just feel like staying in bed all day long. But there’s more different this year and that is exciting! I discovered the digital landscape. I engaged in virtual meetings and trainings. Fantastic! I love it!

At the beginning of the year I joined Tony Robbins‘ „New World New You Challenge„. That 5 day event got me pumped up with joy and optimism. In February I studied NLP and then joined the Ultimate Coaching programme of David Key. In March I spend 5 virtual days in California at „Unleash the Power Within Virtual„. Jetlag included, yet without flying there. Tony Robbins tought me to break through my limiting believes and helped me put empowering believes into action. I met very many interesting people online in private groups at Facebook, at Zoom Meetings, in breakout rooms. We all share the believes that there is more to life, there is more power within us and there is the real possibility to achieve our new goals.

Clarity is power: See things as they are, not worse than it is. See it better than it is. Make it the way you see it!

Tony Robbins

Tonight I joined Dean Graziosi’s and Tony Robbin’s newest event: „Own Your Future Challenge„. It amazes me that there are people speaking there who’s books I have read. I’m curious to get to know Russel Brunson. What really fascinates me about these online events are that the energy of us there jumps the internet. It jumps right out of my screen and through my eyes into my body. The speakers are on fire! They walk their talk. They love what they do and present it with honesty and passion. Their energy adds to my fire!

Jenna Kutcher talked tonight. She’s an amazing woman. She’s alive! And she has clarity and power. Her words touched me. Her energy jumped right into my eyes! What struck me most is this:

Show the messy middle of being on the path.

Jenna Kutcher

My blog is neat and clean. It is clean because I want it to be attractive. I want it to show you that my coaching is attractive. It does not show you the mess. But growing into coaching is messy. Growing into different roles in life is messy. I want to grow into a different role at work right now.

Jenna is right that the middle is messy. I would like to add the following picture aswell. Planting seeds, growing them, watering them, the heat, the cold, drought, too much water, too much bird shit on the plants – all that is messy aswell. But sowing the seeds, growing them and preparing the harvest all belongs together. It is the messy part on the path to becoming. It is the real authentic life. It is our life in the middle. It is the path that overcomes the gap from where we stand to where we want to go.

So tonight I decided to share more about what is going on on my path to become the best version of myself. On supporting you to become your best version of yourself. Our mind is always looking for ways what doesn’t work. And then we often get stuck in the tyranny of how. I trip over many different situations of my life:

  • relationships
  • food and healthy activities i.e. sport and stretching
  • trying to meditate at best in the mornings, but often I’m tired
  • being on time for work and being my best self there – relaxed, optimistic and resilient
  • following my vision through the thick fog
  • staying optimistic with scouting – although we cannot meet and scouting is all about meeting and interaction
  • learning different tools of coaching – finding my own way
  • attracting the people that I’m longing for into my life and reckognizing them when they are right infront of me
  • blogging – sharing the real life and striving for the outstanding life
  • spending too much time on minor activities or binging on programs which just „burn up precious time“
  • forgetting languages: Arabic and French is getting worse
  • education: primary, german high school, canadian high school, university, college, non-formal education, trainings and webinars
  • collecting knowledge instead of putting it into action

What lets you stumble? Are you interest in learning about shortcuts to cut through the clutter? I would love to talk with you one day and find out more about you. You must be an interesting person. If you read until here and did not click the back button there is something that connects us. I’m looking forward to meeting you! If you like to aswell please drop me a line at Have a great day! Take care.