And here’s another nice book from the #getunstuck series. Chris Guillebeau has written the book „Start-Up. How to get a business off the ground and become your own boss with less than $100.“ It allows us to flick our own power button on. It’s time to get going and hit the ground running and if necessary, again and again.

Chris Guillebeau writes stories of people who, against all odds, became entrepreneurs because they followed their intuition. These people inspired him with their experiences. Their stories can be an inspiration for us as well. An inspiration at times when we feel discouraged.

Good stories are infectious. Good stories remind us to be on the road to success ourselves. And being on the road is simply beautiful!

It’s true, if you yourself feel down and don’t know how to get going, you can be inspired by other people and their life’s journey. Often you get a ray of hope, sometimes in the form of a thought. At best as really nice „aha!“ moment.

Don’t let your „aha!“ moment fade away. Make notes about it and remember your thoughts the next time you get stuck. Read them back to yourself. Let the inspiration motivate you again. All you need is a spark of hope.

Guillebeau also describes how it works to get started with very little basics, whether it’s startup capital or knowledge of business science. He believes an idea can be turned into a successful business. It is easier than we think.

I love to hear and read such motivations! It reminds me of another beautiful book: „Kopf schlägt Kapital“ by Günter Faltin.

Both authors are not deterred by predetermined paths, structures, processes, or much else. They think of something and then pursue their ideas. They try out what they feel like. They enjoy their creativity and trust themselves to find the right solutions.

Nothing will work if you don’t work.

Maya Angelou

Listening and reading are important steps, wellbeing is also part of it. If you are not well, then you may not develop creatively. That is the normal state. But if you want to set out, if you want to change something, if you want to live differently, then this is only possible by doing it. Detach yourself from doing nothing. Create structures or periods of time in which you can do the work. Flip your own switch, turn yourself on and become active.

It is worth it!