Poke The Bear?

The enemy of change is resistance.

Just a few days ago I came across Ian Munro’s blog “Leading Essentially” and read his blog post “Poking The Bear”. I like what he writes about resistance to change. Resistance to change is something I encounter regularly. Often, and no matter what I am changing, I feel some sort of resistance. It may come from within me or from outside. Sometimes the resistance wins. The thoughts about changing my habits become less important then and gradually fade away. Why is that so? Is my mind fooling me?

Ian Munro writes that there are three levels of resistance to change:

  1. I don’t understand it! – This is about information.
  2. I don’t like it! -This is emotion at work.
  3. I don’t like you! – Now we are talking about trust. More specifically, mistrust!

It is essential to know your personal and financial goals. Only if you constantly aim at them and try to achieve them, will they come within reach. Thus it is critical to conquer that enemy. It is incorrect information about change. 

Once you have written down your goals, what do you do with them? Do you put them to use? Do you keep them hidden in your computer? 

Our resistance to change increases whenever we are too lax. We need to reinforce our personal and financial goals by getting them into the open. A great way to do this is to visualize them. 

Be an artist: Draw a picture of your personal and financial goals and then frame it. Set yourself a date by when you want to achieve them. Write this date onto your picture or include it somehow in the composition of your piece of art. Get your information straight. Grab a hammer and a nail. Then put your picture on the most prominent wall in your home. The best place is where you pass by every day. Let your artwork always remind you of your goals. Let yourself be motivated by your great goals!

It’s a bit more tricky when resistance boils down to emotion. Often it is fear that blocks our actions.

What is your greatest fear? Write it down. Then answer the following questions: What other fears are triggering your stress right now? Also write them down. Observe accurately what is merely a thought and what is reality. Be honest with yourself and write down these observations next to your fears. 

Transform your fears into strengths: write down what is necessary to build up your strength. Write it in a short and simple statement. Again you will find yourself planning your success. Take the next step and simply put it into practice!

Drop the thoughts onto paper and then move on.