Love your socks

Finally lying in the tent by the water. Stretching your legs, lying next to a loved one. Stretching and elongating your feet. Enjoying the socks and enjoying the far view, far out of the tent, far onto the water, far to the trees, far into the sky. Just forget about everything and just be there. Be together. Just do it again.

What do you need for that? – Of course, a nice tent, sleeping mats, 2 sleeping bags, 2 pillows, a small gas stove, some pots and dishes, a dry cloth, a sponge, some dishwashing liquid, 2 wine glasses, delicious wine, some candles, 2 bath towels, comfortable clothes, fire, a nice campground and a dear person.

While dreaming of camping, I imagine the beautiful blue the sky. I close my eyes and see the sun. I feel a light warm wind on my arms. I open my eyes and see yours. We radiate calm and wit. We laugh, we talk, we tell stories.

It’s just a really nice time this summer for two!

Love your socks!