Letting Go Of Pressure

Even though it is Sunday, I actually want to get things done. I feel some sort of pressure to get on with things. To be honest, I’m pressuring myself. I’m trying to reach goals but they seem to be out of my reach. Although I am not frustrated yet, I am unhappy about this situation. 

I am certainly unclear on some of my thoughts. Have you noticed that? 

  • I want to get things done. 
  • I feel pressured. 
  • I’m trying to reach goals but they seem to be out of my reach.

Here’s the deal: 

Since I am not clear on what things I want to get done, it is difficult to actually get them done. Because I haven’t created a route map for reaching my long-term goals yet, my short-term goals are also not easy to name. That way they are out of my reach. The pressure that is building up inside of me isn’t helpful at all. However, it is only a feeling. I created that feeling and now it is up to me to get rid of it again. Otherwise it might block me completely from taking positive action.

I’ll take positive action!

First, there are three important questions to answer:

  1. What are my goals?
  2. Will my current action help me to reach them quickly and efficiently?
  3. What will happen, at the worst, if I postpone what I am doing now, to focus on achieving my goals?

Having worked out long-term goals helps when creating the route map. The map is the necessary plan to reach a goal. 

You could compare it to your itinerary for your summer holidays. Say you would like to travel from your home to Marseille in southern France. You know your goal is to relax at the beach, read some good books and enjoy the French red wine and atmosphere.

  • You will book the accommodation that suits you best in Marseille. 
  • You will check out the best way to get to France. 
  • You will plan exactly how long it takes you to get there and back.
  • You will prepare in advance where and how you can access your money.
  • You will make sure you have enough great books to read.
  • You will take care to pack everything you need for a comfortable and relaxing summer vacation at the beach in Marseille.

There you are: your itinerary brings you closer to your goals. You decide if your steps are quick and efficient. You decide if they are a good help. After being clear on your decisions, take action. Don’t just try to reach your goals. Stick to your plan!

Honestly answer the third question. Will not following your plan, but watching a movie now, bring you closer to your goals?

Go ahead and take the action!