How to go for gold

Priming! Priming makes it possible to prepare for how you want to act in the future. It’s about preparing for what to expect.

Example: I super rarely play computer games. If I do play, I’m immediately kicked out. I lose all my lives at once and then I have to wait for ages before I can play again. Why is that?

That’s quite simple, my friends, and much better than them, the children who play computer games, play very often. So they can remember what challenge awaits them where and how. It’s still a challenge, but they know better because they’ve trained themselves on where what happens. They don’t go into their game unprepared.

Another cool example are bobsleigh pilots. They look at the track very intensively beforehand. They practice flying through the turns. They practice swaying the body properly back and forth exactly as needed. They remember which challenge comes when. They watch videos of their race track. They focus on being super prepared. They train themselves not to be surprised on competition day. They give their best on that day.

We can use this kind of preparation for our transformation process as well. After we have figured out where we want to go next, who we want to meet, and what we want to do, we can get started with priming.

Priming prepares us to reach our next stage goal safely!

How does it work?

Priming works great first thing in the morning. It leads to feeling very good. How does that work?

Priming starts with a breathing exercise where you breathe in and out through your nose. In small pauses, you focus on feeling what this kind of breathing triggers n your body. Next, you will bring back memories of what you have enjoyed, what moments in your life have been special, and which wonderful people you have met. You stack these memories on top of each other.

A feeling of happiness arises in you. You feel good. You feel successful, and that’s what you are. You have created wonderful energy. Continue to use this energy. Imagine what you want to achieve. Create the feeling you want to have when you arrive at your destination. Tell your body and mind that you have already reached your goal.

This is how you make it easier on yourself when you set out to get there. Your brain and body will remember that they have already been there. The path will be much easier for you now.

Priming works great for athletes who collect gold medals.

Children use priming quite unconsciously.

What about you? Do you want to try priming consciously?

I recommend you check out Tony Robbins‘ priming. He is fantastic! You can easily join in. He guides you through priming. He makes it easy for you to decide if you like it and want to keep using it. I like him and his priming a lot!

Prepare yourself and enjoy every moment of your journey.

I wish you much joy and success with it!