Get Unstuck – Play to Win

You are still feeling stuck and the solution of doing the work seems to easy an answer for you? Well then take a closer look at Dr. Denis Waitley’s book: The Psychology Of Winning. 10 Qualities of a Total Winner“.

Waitley is convinced that our attitude is either the key to or the lock of the door to our personal fulfillment.

Attitude is the answer. It is the number one criterion for success!

So how do you approach your life?

I am mostly positive. That reminds me of the challenge that I lost last week. The challenge is not to complain or to bitch about something that I anticipated. Recognizing failure is important. In this case recognizing failure leads to starting anew. Restart 30 days until 30 consecutive days of positive attitude are reached.

You and I can either decide to be positive, negative or neutral. Playing to win implies to have a positive outlook on life.

It makes little difference what is actually happening, it’s how you, personally, take it that really counts!

Dr. Denis Waitley

As children we played and enjoyed playing most of the times. Children come up with brilliant ideas, create rules, adhere to them, follow through on their play, laugh, dance and sing. They have fun!

Sometimes I wonder how come I stopped doing a lot of those fun things. I recall I have had really nice times growing up. What about you? Which games did you enjoy most as a child? What reality did you make up ?

Waitley compares living our life to playing a game. He points out that there are no time-outs, no substitutions and that the clock is always running. The role-play options are:

  • Spectators – They are the majority who watch life happen as bystanders.
  • Losers – They envy others and put themselves down.
  • Winners – They take the talent or potential that they were born with, and have since developed, and use it fully toward a goal or purpose that makes them happy.

Aren’t there more roles available? Not in the Waitley’s game.

Which game plan suits you best? Who are you right now? Who do you want to be in near future? Who do you want to be in 10 years?

Please be clear, what you see in your mind’s eye is what you get. Waitley stresses that each of us becomes that make-belief self that we have imagined and fantasized most.

Waitley’s suggestion to get unstuck is to come up with your favorite game of life. Get clear on who you want to be. What is your role in your life. He realized that playing the game to win works best when employing the 10 personal qualities that he describes.

My suggestion is: Read his book! And then, put your new won insights into action.

I do so once a day, mainly when my day starts. Just before my daily mediation. I like the picture of me that I came up with.

When do you take time out your month, your week or your day to imagine who you want to be? When do you fantasize about you deliberately?

Put yourself together and play to win!