Feeling detached?

Right now, many of us feel lonely. This feeling is not nice! We spend much more time alone. We don’t go out. We hang out. Some days we don’t feel like making ourselves beautiful. We stick to the baggy look, unshaven. What’s the point of shaving if you’re not going to meet anyone? Be it shaved legs or face.

Please do not get me wrong, I do not shave my legs. But this post here is not just about men. At the moment many of us who follow the rules to conquer the pandemic often feel lonely.

What can you do to avoid creating a new habit which could lead to more loneliness?

Transform your loneliness! Loneliness can become well-being in abundance. We can let ourselves be touched again. First by the beauty in our world, by attention and love for detail, and then by a partner. By a person whom we value. By a person who values us. Would you like to be touched again?

Enter transformation! Imagine that the transformation happens in a box. We enter the box together. We talk openly with each other and create space inside, new wide space for new thoughts. These new thoughts enable you to have other feelings, beautiful feelings. In you the desire unfolds to come back into action again.

We step out of the box: You realize that you can transform your loneliness when it comes again. You can pursue other thoughts, take an interest in other people. You can share your ideas with others of like mind. Your enthusiasm infects people! You are there for each other.