How easy it could be if fear wouldn’t kick in! Every once in a while fear appears. At first, fear is a thought. It shows up as a German ICE train. Sometimes later than you expected it. Other times the ICE train only passes by. Its airstream pulls and shoves you around. Its wheels produce a thunder that captures your attention. Then it is gone like it wasn’t there at all.

When fear appears as thought it captures your feelings also. You might feel sick to the stomach. You might feel stuck in the situation. Better not move – like a deer in the headlights.

What if I fall? Oh but my darling, what if you fly?

Erin Hanson

I really love this quote. It shows you what goes on within my brain. First I come up with a great idea and when the rubber hits the ground thoughts of fear flow in. They shout and pound: WHAT IF I FALL?!! Lots of pictures resonate with that thought and it appears to me as if my feelings adapt to those pictures. My feelings become real. My feelings can bring me to a full stop.

And what if I fly?

Flying is fantastic! I love to feel the wind in my hair. I love to jump. I love to fly to other countries. I love to soar!

For sure, I would have my survival-advantage package available to you. I would meet more and more interesting people who strive to change the world with really, really cool ideas. I would talk to brave humans who experience joy and freedom daily. I would create programs and connect friendly people regularly.

And what about you? What could you do? What if you fly?

Steven Chandler wrote about fearlessness. He points out that fearless is not a quality. It’s an approach!

Our approach to life can exclude fear. We can focus on flying. We can focus on being in the moment. We can focus on creating our future.

I highly recommend reading his book „Fearless. Creating the Courage to Change the Things You Can.“

That book is pure motivation. And it is real.

Steve Chandler uses stories from his past and his continuous development. Such as that solutions are one of the great joys of a fearless life. All solutions have problems. You can’t have a solution without a problem, and a life without solutions is flat and boring. He is convinced that once we can do the mind shift from paranoid mode to creative mode all problems become advanced seminars that prevent us from getting stuck in the first place.

I admire that approach!