Don’t Wait – Innovate

Facts are for the past.

Erwin McManus

McManus continues by saying, what lies in front of us, in our future, is what we want to create. It starts with a thought, with your imagination. That’s it! It is that simple.

What do you want to create today, tomorrow, and in your further future?

I was really amazed when I heard Erwin McManus and Lewis Howes speak about how to use spirituality to achieve your highest potential. Please listen to that talk. They both are kind men, have nice voices to listen to, and are truly inspiring. You can listen to their episode at The School of Greatness here: Go to Lewis Howes‘ podcast.

I agree we cannot build our future on facts. We can project what happened in the past onto the future. But that is only a forecast. The future is unclear. Even better: the future is a present.

The future does not decide for us. We decide who we want to be.

Who do you want to become?

I really enjoy the idea that my past does not necessarily influence who I will become. Sure, if I continue with what I’m doing now the outcome might still be the same in years to come. If I change my path I can transform.

How does transformation work?

Drops of water can mold a stone if they keep dripping onto the stone. If more water is applied the molding can happen quicker. Beautifully shaped stones develop over time.

Just take the example of Petra in Jordan. Water, wind and tectonics created this magnificent canyon. At least one of the Nabateans had the great idea to build Petra. The one won his friends for his idea. They made plans and then carved their city into the mountains alongside the canyon. That was around 150 BC.

Our world is constantly evolving. It evolves because we humans have ideas that come as a thought to us. Sometimes we jump onto our thought train and imagine what we could create. These things we’ve created trigger other peoples‘ imaginations also. Luckily we don’t wait, we often innovate.

Okay not all of us put our dreams right away to work. Often we take ages to follow through on our dreams. But that is not necessary! Find the people who inspire you. Share inspiration and move forward. Do your thing! Enjoy what you are doing. Every moment you spend on it is worth it.

If you want to transform start now. Start now and be persistent. As water drops can shape stones we can transform over time as well.

Our future awaits us.

Have faith!