Do You Feel Stressed?

Things aren’t working out for you? Do you feel stressed? Does everything distract you? Do your friends and family keep asking how you feel today? – Why not take a break? Leave your electronic devices at home, go outside and breathe some fresh air. 

Walk silently and absorb what is happening around you. Breathe normally. Relax. Let your thoughts run free. 

Watch your steps. What does the pavement look like? How does it feel to walk on it? Are you walking the streets of your neighborhood? What kinds of houses are there in your neighborhood? Do you like their architecture? What do you like best? Do you want to live there? Can you imagine yourself living in a different place? 

How are the windows and windowsills decorated? Can you look through the windows that you are walking past? What are the ceilings inside like? What kind of paint did the residents choose? Do you like their lamps? Would you choose a lamp like that? What kind of lamps do you like? Which ones would you like to buy? Where could you buy them? What do they cost? How do your favorite lamps match your dream apartment? What kind of furniture do you need for your dream apartment or is it a house that you are dreaming of?

Do you like the neighborhood that you are passing through? Are there enough parking spaces there? Where would you like to park your car? Do you want to have a car? Do you have a car and want to change it? What car models are parked there? Which one do you like? Why do you like it? What do you want to transport with it? Are you into car-sharing instead? Is there a car-sharing station nearby?

What kind of stores have you seen while walking around? What stores are important to you? Do you need them close to your home? Do you prefer to drive to a large shopping center or do you want to support small stores in the neighborhood? 

Who are you passing by outside? Who is outside for fresh air? Is the air fresh? Whom do you want to meet? Is your neighborhood mixed? Is every person welcome? Are old people sitting on benches, chatting with each other (or is it too cold to sit outside where you are walking)? 

Do you feel good while developing your future? Jot down your ideas and dreams when you get back home! Once you’ve figured out how you want to live, create a plan with the necessary steps to achieve it. I’ll gladly support you!