Confucius says, the path is the goal

What is the best translation of „enjoy the process“? I would like „enjoy“ to be in the foreground. Enjoying is beautiful. Enjoying is desirable. The process or the execution, depending on how actively we participate, can also be exhausting. Maybe we get the impression that the process is no fun at all. If we do not hold on to what is not fun, there is room for other experiences. Confucius says that the path is the goal. That also sounds a lot like „enjoy the process“ to me.

Where is my path?

I want to take my professional development, coaching, and relationships to a new level. Sometimes, though, nothing works. To say goodbye to stagnation, I meditate. Mediation enables me to hear my inner voice again. My inner voice tells me precisely: „enjoy the process“!

Enjoying the process enables me to move on, to start anew, to take one step after the next again and again. It is a bit like a nice hike. I know the destination on the map and at the same time I don’t know what it really looks like there. I know the weather forecast. On the way there is much to see, to think, to feel and to enjoy.

Sometimes not everything is beautiful when hiking. This is also true for my path to transformation. But that’s not why I give up my hike. Who could come to pick me up in the forest? When hiking, it helps me to take a break, drink a cup of tea and enjoy. Yes, indeed, I look at nature in detail and discover things that I would not have noticed when walking by. These things inspire me. I love being in nature. I love the details and the big picture. After my break, I take my backpack, put it back on and start walking again. Step by step. I walk until I reach my destination.

When hiking, „enjoying the process“ works flawlessly. – Relating it to my everyday life, this means I need a defined goal, I need food and something like a compass. I keep aligning myself with my path, which will bring me safely to my destination. I enjoy being on the road. I am completely myself at the moment. I am there. But I am also in thoughts. They come and go. Not every thought is worth to be questioned in detail. I don’t let myself get off track. When I need a break, I take it. I drink a cup of tea and change my focus. I pay attention to my surroundings. I want to marvel more again. I adjust the breaks and don’t let them become too long. Because also here on my life’s journey the question is right, who should come and pick me up on the way? I can walk a part of the way with others. I walk to my destination. When I reach it, I celebrate that I have arrived.

What enables you to break free from your stagnation?