Campfire at last

What memories come to you when you think of a beautiful, crackling campfire? Are you sitting there with your friends? Are you sitting there together, smiling into the fire or into your faces? Bonfires feel good. They calm you, give warmth, create atmosphere, offer security and good mood. Sometimes a deep look into the fire is enough to make you a bit wistful. Then thoughts come easily to you, to me, to us. Everyone thinks for him or herself and also for others. What do you think about when you look into the fire, when you look right into the embers and can see the shapes? What profound thoughts come to you? Do you achieve enlightenment in such moments?

An enlightenment is a moment when something just becomes clear to you. It’s an „aha!“ moment. An enlightenment comes from within us. It’s our inner wisdom revealing itself to us. It comes to us in a thought – in a simple thought.

I enjoy remembering past bonfires. Those when friends joined and played their guitars were especially great. We sang campfire songs up and down. We sang nice and loud.

Singing together inspires. If you look around, you see happy faces. Faces that are warmly illuminated by the glow of the fire. The warm light makes our happy faces shine. Here we can be real. Just you, me and us.

The fire offers me a balance between being completely in the group or being completely with myself. When I am completely with myself, I become quiet. I look deeply into the fire. It is then easy to be profound. The thoughts that come to me then motivate me. They give me a good feeling. I feel I will achieve my goals. The fire sets me free. – Who can you be when you look deep into a fire? What reveals itself to you from within you?

The song Country Roads pops into my head: „Country Roads take me home to the place where I belong.“ What if this home is not a place of residence? What if this home is within us, a home where we are safe, happy and free? What if a beautiful bonfire is like a portkey that gives us a journey to our home? We can access the energy again with which we were born. The energy that made us explore our world until we decided to give into fear and insecurities as well. Within us is the energy that affirms us to act on our ideas and desires.

I strongly suggest to lighten more bonfires. Lets use them as portkeys feeling energy that affirms us. We can spend more time with our friends. Let’s be more happy, sing a lot and bring bold ideas into being.