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The founder of No Kid Hungry is Billy Shore. He is an American social entrepreneur and author best known for his work to end childhood hunger in the United States.

We really think we can end childhood hunger, not just feed kids, but end childhood hunger.

Billy Shore

Public Policy

Born in 1956, Shore grew up in a middle-class family in Washington, D.C. He attended Brown University, where he studied public policy. After graduating, he worked as a political consultant and then as a speechwriter for U.S. Senator Gary Hart.

Foundation of Share Our Strength

In 1984, Shore co-founded Share Our Strength, a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending hunger and poverty. The organization’s first project was to raise money to feed children in Ethiopia during the 1984 famine. Since then, Share Our Strength has raised more than $1 billion and helped millions of people in the United States and around the world.

Ongoing Creative Efforts

The organization’s mission is to „end hunger and poverty by connecting people to good food“. They do this through a variety of programs and initiatives, including

– Cooking Matters: This program teaches low-income families how to shop for, prepare, and cook healthy meals on a budget.

– Taste of the Nation: This annual culinary event raises funds for Share Our Strength programs.

– The Great American Plate: This campaign encourages people to eat healthy and donate to Share Our Strength programs.

– Share Our Strength’s Impact Multiplier: This program provides funding and technical assistance to organizations working to end hunger and poverty.

No Kid Hungry

In 2010, Share Our Strength launched No Kid Hungry, a campaign to end childhood hunger in the United States. The campaign has been successful in raising awareness of childhood hunger and providing funding to organizations working to end it.

Shore’s Impact

Shore is the author of several books, including Revolution of the Heart: How Smart People Can Change the World and The Imaginations of Unreasonable Men: A Social Entrepreneur’s Guide to Success. A frequent speaker on social entrepreneurship, he also hosts Add Passion and Stir, a weekly podcast that brings together high-profile chefs and change-makers to discuss the central role of food in social justice.

In 2014, Shore was appointed to the National Commission on Hunger, a bipartisan commission charged with finding innovative ways to end hunger in America. He also serves on the boards of several other organizations, including the Aspen Institute and the Clinton Foundation.

Shore is passionate about ending childhood hunger. He believes that everyone deserves enough to eat and is committed to working until every child in America has access to healthy food.

Selected Key Accomplishments of No Kid Hungry:

– They have helped to reduce childhood hunger in the United States by one-third.

– They have provided food to millions of children in need.

– They have raised over $1 billion to fight hunger.

– They have helped to change the way people think about hunger.

– They have inspired millions of people to take action to end hunger.

Billy Shore is a true social entrepreneur. He is a visionary leader who has made a real difference in the world. He is an inspiration to us all.

Get Involved With Share Our Strength:

– Donate to their cause.

– Volunteer your time.

– Attend a Taste of the Nation event.

– Spread the word about what they do.

– Advocate for policies that help end hunger.

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