Focus On 993 Or On 7?

Social situations that I tend to withdraw from or avoid are …

Brendon asked me to complete some sentences that he provided. They are all connected to social anxiety and of course, they are also connected to breaking through barriers. It really is time to leave those barriers behind!

Social situations that I tend to withdraw from or avoid are those where energy vampires are freezing the air. What I mean by that is that some people just suck the energy right out of me. Everything is negative and they really rub that in. If it is cold and black outside, it is the word black, or pitch black that they put their emphasis on. They blame everyone but themselves. Only the joke of Zig Ziglar can bring a little bit of joy back into those moments: “Those vampires think that denial is just a river in India!”

Another social situation is when I am in a conflict with my love. I am not experienced in fighting or staying. Fights make me leave. I prefer to cancel a relationship than talking it through.

Just today I realized that I focused too much on those people who might say that I am stupid. Brendon suggested that there might be 7 out of 1000 people who are idiots themselves. I focused too much on them and left the others +990 people out of sight. That is really weird!

If I was more confident around others, my life would be different in these positive ways:

  • I would advertise my Tihange book.
  • I would sell my digital information products and earn a living by doing that
  • Produce digital coaching products such as checklists, books, and webinars.
  • Charge a fee for my coaching sessions
  • Expand my circle of coachees
  • Develop an amazing peace project at PIW
  • Find amazing people to create Frieden anpacken e. V. and get to work with them on wonderful projects
  • Get my foundation “Peace Habits” running
  • I would blog twice a week on a regular basis.
  • I would get in touch with my why on a frequent/daily basis

One thing I could do to feel more confident around other people is …

One thing I could do to feel more confident around other people is to keep in mind that 7 of 1000 people are crazy. They will always be crazy. I cannot change that. It is not important what they think or say. It is wise to leave them where they are and focus on the 993 other people.

Three things that I can share about myself in my next conversations with others are:

  • I am gathering great people to start a new foundation. We will organize trips that lead to adventure and friendship. Do you want to join us?
  • I organized a meeting with young adults from Israel, Palestine, Germany, and Jordan in Jordan this summer. We came together to share experiences, friendship, and peace. That really moved me! What moves you?
  • I wear a blue bracelet. It has been made by a guy in Amman who would love to move to Germany. From his point of view, Germany offers everything that he is longing for: peace, stability, trust, and jobs. I long for interactions between positive people! What are you longing for?