Knowledge is Everywhere - But Encounter Creates Momentum

Do you apply your knowledge or do you stand on the brakes? What do you do when your everyday life catches up with you and distracts you? Who do you meet to get your project ideas moving and put them into action?

I support you in achieving the goals you have set for yourself! I am there. I trust you to implement your ideas. Together we create commitment and movement in your projects through our encounter. Make an appointment with me. Be committed and get going again!

Get your project going and keep at it!

Aha! Coaching

We create moments that allow you to see opportunities. You develop the desire and courage to continue implementing your plans.

Thereby you gain more information and your view gets clear. You can use your Aha-moments to act directly. Again and again.

Do you know this? You have a brilliant idea, you imagine your possibilities and make a plan. You visualize your plan. You think about milestones and deadlines. You are almost ready to start. Then come the delays. They just happen. Everyday things that need to be done. Suddenly everyday life has you firmly in its grip and the implementation of your great idea slips into the background. You still think your idea is good, but you just can't get into action. Tomorrow is another day. This is not an ideal thought, but it comes up from time to time.

Often we then try to change our external behavior in order to achieve our goals. We try to motivate ourselves externally, with deadlines, reminders, curious agreements or rewards. They are designed to get us to behave consistently in the way we or someone else has decided is good for us. That's how we're supposed to achieve our goals. - It doesn't work out easily.

But the moment we see things differently, the moment an "aha!" moment occurs because we have an insight, that's when change is there. Your aha! moment is within you. Your aha! moment mobilizes you!

Achieve Your Change of Perspective, Gain New Ways of Looking at Your Life

I think the super coach and author, Michael Neill is great! He has written gripping books. I want to mention two here because they make clear what can drive us in our lives if we let it. One is called, "Creating the Impossible. A 90-Day Program to Get Your Dreams Out of Your Head and Into The World" and the other is titled: "The Inside-Out Revolution". Michael Neill writes, Aha moments make our journey in life easier. - For each of us.

As your understanding of what is possible grows, your life will change for the better, as if all by itself. As Michael Neill says, happiness leads to success, well-being leads to inspiration. Success and inspiration are the foundation for achieving your goals and creating a wonderful life. I know it from myself, creating works best when I am happy! How is it with you?

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