Are you waiting too?

I regularly wait for something. Yet I know exactly that now is the right moment. The right moment is always now. Now too. Now is right. Putting my ideas into action doesn’t need a fixed starting point and I don’t need to wait for permission. It just takes sitting down and getting started.

Just as I’m writing this, I’m struck by what I’ve really learned at my hobby: Sit down and get going. We have often laughed about this when we talked about what our hobby has taught us. While other people might be learning tricks and ways to defend themselves in sports clubs, we focus on sitting in a circle and being in conversation with each other. It is important to give each other space. Space for thoughts and feelings. Space for development.

Sure, I don’t want to reduce my hobby to sitting in a circle. We have achieved a lot together. I think that’s great!

But for me it’s about sitting down and getting started now. Again and again. I am currently focussing on gaining clarity. I achieve this by letting my thoughts flow. Through my head, through my fingers, onto the keyboard and accordingly onto the screen. I also enjoy writing directly in my notebook. In doing so, I find that blogging gives me more clarity.

So why do I keep waiting for better times? Why do I distract myself and then rather clean out the garage?

Yesterday Seth said if you and I got paid to write because it was a job, we would do it every day. We would. It’s not always easy. A job is not always easy. And because we realize that, we would write every day anyhow.

What do you want to put into action? What have you been putting off for a while?

Let’s ignore the „why?“ or „what for?“. The key is: start and create. Again and again. Every day anew. Let’s make it a habit. A beautiful habit that leads us to new results. Results that we imagine in our heads. Results that bring novelties and also new ideas.