Are you committed?

Reaching the destination safely, crossing the finish line, that’s what we all want!

Lose track of time on Chronos, cruise, and sail classically. The captain sails with his crew on Chronos, a sailing boat made of wood, brass, and with white heavy canvas. Their goal is to get to another beautiful port in the Mediterranean. They are always paying attention to the rudder, the gauges, the wind, and the weather. They are always correcting the course when there are deviations. They do not stop but correct the course at full speed. Their boat glides through the waves.

This is exactly how they reach their destination safely.

Even small deviations of the course lead to landing at another destination. Often there is a long distance between the port of call and the port reached. It is therefore always necessary to pay attention to the route and repeatedly keep one’s own destination in mind.

It is similar to our goals and our own discipline.

Discipline lets us check, realign or adjust our course and arrive safely where we want to go. Their sailing is our project work, our intention, our adventure.

So are you disciplined and taking care of yourself every day to get to your destination?

Are you committed to creating, developing, writing, or producing? Are you excited? Are you excited about your goal? Do you want to tell as many people as possible about it? Do you sell your ideas to yourself and your clients? Do you take individual steps every day that brings you closer to your goal? Do you keep charting the course?

Clearly, it’s the discipline that gets you there!

It’s not always fun, just like sailing is. On days when it’s too hot or too cold, too wet or too dry, too windy or too still, on days when the extremes take hold, it’s usually no fun. It is then difficult to be disciplined.

The captain and his crew show us how it’s done: Every day is important!