My aha moment in France

For many years I have assumed that my life’s path is not straight. Sometimes I argued that I walked the beautiful path. In doing so, I have also lost my way a few times. My life path seems to me like a curved path with few straight stretches.

It was not always beautiful either. And at some stages, it felt really unpleasant. Even like a dumb decision that got me into that particular situation.

Looking back, it’s good. It’s all part of my life’s journey, and I wouldn’t even be here where I am now if I had taken a different turn or gone straight on the way.

This fall in France, I had an important aha moment for me!

I realized that I too have a straight line in my life, a constant, something like a red thread. Starting from the times I can remember as a child, until today, I can say with a clear conscience, I bring people together.

I have a good time being in a group with different people. I contribute to our ability to engage with each other. It always feels right to build a foundation of trust. When I’m out with other people, I’m attentive, I make sure to create a good mood that leaves room for mood swings too. It’s very important to me that we value each other. That’s why I give thanks often. I give thanks for small things and for great achievements.

I greet people around me and people I meet on the road. I am happy about every smile. Smiles are contagious. When I greet others, I smile automatically. It does me a lot of good!

I like to show my openness to the world. I am proud of what I have achieved so far and look forward to what is yet to come. I am convinced that we can live in peace with each other if we allow each other to grow and change. This also means that we engage with each other and inspire each other. I enjoy walking upright.

This realization comes just in time. It feels to me like the next fork in the road is coming soon and I’m looking forward to my next decision. There is a scent of adventure in the air! I love that.

What about you? Do you know your constant that shows in your life?