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More and more disasters?

First the bark beetle, which ate away large areas of our spruce forest, then the Covid 19 pandemic, which paralyzed a great deal of activity, then the natural disaster caused by heavy rainfall, which destroyed large parts of North Rhine-Westphalia and the Rhineland-Palatinate within a few days, and now an explosion of a storage tank in Leverkusen with considerable air pollution, in which substances containing phosphorus and sulfur caught fire in an uncontrolled manner: Everything shows us, safe is who takes precautions.

Our everyday life is similar

I suspect that many people live like me. I have set myself up nicely. Go shopping on average once a week, sometimes it is every 10 days or in shorter intervals. I did not have a food storage for a long time. I also did not know how to do it. Why should I, the supermarkets are within walking distance.

I go hiking with my friends and enjoy nature.

I use mobile telephony and even the landline is no longer really a landline, because it has been converted to IP telephony.

Before home office became the new standard, I used to drive to work. There in the morning, back in the evening.

Then came Covid-19 and with the pandemic came the restrictions to keep us safe. I really appreciate that politicians, administrators, businesses and most people want our best.

My plan is to live a very long life!

When the pandemic was really bad and hardly anything was allowed, I started hiking more. The extent of the destruction caused by the bark beetle was particularly striking. And yes, also bad, but perhaps not quite as serious, is the destruction of boxwood by the box borer. The borer eats the boxwood as a caterpillar. It chews off all but really all the leaves, so that the boxwood almost dies. The results of the bark beetle are more striking. Large parts of our spruce forests have already had to be felled. Wide open spaces have been created there.

Continue as before or safe preparation?

What I want to get at here is, we can either live as before and be more badly prepared for disasters or we can learn how to protect ourselves. What's bad is when the roads are no longer usable and the phone service breaks down. What are we left with then? Will we still be able to act?

I think of storage, building security, receiving and recognizing warning signals, and being able to learn, practice, and apply behaviors. Building friendships, getting to know the neighborhood better, and in the worst case scenario, knowing who I can turn to or who needs my help.

A few years ago, I looked at how I could and should react if a nuclear accident happened at Tihange.

Tihange, that is an ailing nuclear power plant near Aachen in Belgium. Tihange will soon be taken off the grid, but the danger remains. After all, there is still no solution for the radiating nuclear waste.

Are you leveraging a survival advantage?

I am now better prepared than before. And at the same time, the above-mentioned catastrophes have made me even more aware that a nuclear catastrophe is also conceivable. And here, too, only those who are prepared have a survival advantage.

Let's keep it with the Boy Scout motto: Always be prepared!

Für mehr Infos zum Notfallplan einfach das Buch anklicken!

Für mehr Infos zum Notfallplan einfach das Buch anklicken!