What can you do? – Live!

What do you need to do to feel alive now? What can you do now? Burgs asks this in his meditation. He also answers immediately, without waiting for my thoughts on this. Burgs says I don’t have to do much. The point is to do as little as possible.

Just yesterday, while walking around, I heard someone on a podcast say that if I do little and relax while doing it, I’m quickly in flow.

In flow everything comes off your back. It’s fun to work. You get on with your tasks. You enjoy the time and it flies by. At the end of the day, you can look back proudly on a successful day.

What does this mean for our everyday life? Do we better shift down a gear or do we disengage and roll? Do we focus on doing less, slowing down and relaxing? Is that when flow comes?

The flow itself is not so important. In other words this isn’t just about flow, it’s about choosing to experience an excellent life every day and taking responsibility for it. It’s about resolving to live in good energy, to feel constantly fit, to expose yourself to good thoughts and ideas.

So what can you do to feel alive right now?

What are you ready to do?

Try this: Find some good friends and tell them that you decided to live an enjoyable life. One that challenges you more and gives you more space at the same time. Ask your friends to remind you when your old routine catches up with you. And when your friends remind you, take their reminder seriously.

Keep answering the one question: What can you do now to feel alive?